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Office Wall Graphics

Extend your brand throughout the restaurant by including custom graphics and decals on the walls, entry ways, bar and even table tops.

Brand your space with wall decals printed with your logo! Add a professional touch to your storefront, restaurant or office and ensure your customers instantly recognize your business.

  • Repositionable and removable options available
  • Long lasting
  • 100% Customization
  • Available in any shape or size you require
  • Printed on high quality, durable vinyl

Office Wall Graphics and Wall Wrap Products

Cut Lettering

Wall Covering

Wall Mural

Removable Wall Decal

Framed Wall Mural

Custom Printed Blinds

Installation & Removal for Wall Decals Vinyl Pasting on wall
  • Vinyl decals must be applied to a smooth, clean and dry surface.
  • Ensure that the decal has been brought to room temperature for optimal adhesion.
  • When applying, start at the top of the graphic, slowly removing the backing and applying even, overlapping strokes using a smooth tool as you work your way down.
  • To remove wall decals, simply pull carefully starting at one edge of the graphic.
  • Using a bit of heat, such as hot air from a hairdryer or heat gun will help the
  • adhesive loosen for an easier and cleaner removal.
  • To remove a permanent wall decal, contact your local TPH location who can refer you to a specialist.
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